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Central Texas
Siberian Husky

Puppy For SAle!

"A show quality purebred dog is not expensive, it is priceless."

We are your top-rated and show-quality AKC Siberian Husky Breeder in Austin, Texas. 



Arrow's Bios

American Champion

Arrow is our top dog! He finished his American championship at a specialty show with 42 entries. He is extremely friendly and always ready to work. He is an excellent working dog that can pull a light load for a long distance. His favorite activities are running, playing catch, chasing squirrels, and cooling off in a pool full of ice. His eyes have been tested and are normal. His hips have been x-rayed and everything is good.


Color: Grey and white

Eyes: Brown

Energy: Moderate

Temperament: Superb temperament, extremely friendly, excellent family companion

Mask: Uniform and evenly distributed




Leila's Bios

Leia is a gorgeous girl who loves to be silly. She has a fun personality that is complimented by her high energy level. Leila is a balanced female, extremely friendly, and very loving. She enjoys company and is an excellent family dog. She likes cuddle time and enjoys sitting on anything elevated. Leila is imported from Canada. She has beautiful movements. Her eyes have been tested and are normal. Her hips have been x-rayed and everything is good. 


Color: Grey and white

Eyes: Brown

Energy: High

Temperament: Conforms well, very affectionate, very playful, and bubbly.

Mask: Uniform and evenly distributed


Collar Color TBD


Status TBD


Color TBD


Eyes TBD



DOB Expected in the spring of 2024

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