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  • What is the deposit for a siberian husky puppy and what steps do I need to follow to adopt from you?
    - The deposit for our Siberian Husky puppy is 50% of the adoption fee for a litter that are born. Our adoption is from $1800 or more depending on the show/pet quality of each individual puppy. At times, we will have adult dogs available at a different adoption cost. Contact us to verify adoption cost for Siberian Husky puppies we have for sale. Don't be shy, we won't bite. Plus, we love to hear from our future families! Email us at - If you want to reserve a future litter of Siberian Husky (unborn puppy), it is $200 to be on the wait list. The wait list must be available and open for reservation to be able to reserve your spot. Subscribe to our website to be notified when the reservation is open. This typically happens when we have a confirmed litter. All deposits will be applied toward the total adoption fee. Please note, all deposits are non-refundable. Your Siberian Husky puppy or older dog is officially reserved and marked as taken, when the deposit is received. Fill out the contract, send the signed contract back to us via E-mail or mailing it to us. Link to our contract: - We accept check, cash, Zelle, Paypal (3% credit card fee applies), and Venmo. Payment links and mailing address will be provided upon request.
  • At what age can your Siberian Husky puppy go home?
    We let our Siberian Husky puppies leave at 8 weeks of age. Sometime we may keep them a little longer for training or socialization purposes. If we are shipping the puppy, s/he must be at least 8 weeks old per airline rules, before the dog can be shipped.
  • Do you pre-train your Siberian Husky puppies?
    Yes. Our Siberian Husky puppies will be crate trained, recall trained, socialized with adults and children (our nieces and nephews come by to play all the time), socialized with other adult dogs, learn to be calm and submissive, learn not to bite, learn not to be food aggressive, and potty training outside. Please keep in mind that these are puppies, it takes a lot more time than just a few weeks to fully train a dog. We do this to help all of our puppies be successful in their new life with their new families. We highly encourage everyone to continue training their puppy, so that they can grow up to be well-behaved and adjusted adults. If you are interested, we do offer boot camp training where your dog will stay and train with us every day. We also offer one-on-one training. All training is reserved for dogs you bought from us. At this time, we do not train other dogs.
  • Can you ship your Siberian Husky puppies to another state?
    Yes. We prefer that everybody come and pick up their Siberian Husky puppies to mitigate the stress from air travel or through a pet transport service. We understand that sometimes it is hard to pick up your new Siberian Husky puppy, especially if you live across the country. We are able to ship our Siberian Husky puppies virtually anywhere in the United States and abroad. Shipping of a dog usually involves a veterinarian health certificate, airline ticket or ground transport service, approved airline shipping crate, and/or our time to make arrangements for the shipping of your new pup. Prices vary by transport methods. Please inquire if you are interested.
  • Do you have health guarantee for your Siberian Husky puppies?
    Yes. We guarantee that our pups will be healthy and happy for one year. If we believe that a puppy to be unfit for adoption, we will keep that puppy and care for him/her here at our home. With any purebred dogs, there are risks of a genetic mutation that can cause the dog to have unwanted defects. We will always inform you of such defects. Both parents will have their eyes checked and hips x-rayed before we breed them. At times, we may or may not pay for the results to be listed publicly on OFA. Any proof of health testing will be provided upon request.
  • Do you take back Siberian Husky puppy if I am no longer able to care for them?
    Yes. We will always take our puppies back under any conditions. We always try our best to place our puppies in the best home possible. Do keep in mind that our pups can live as long as 14 years. Please do not adopt if you cannot make this commitment. Please understand that we only take back dogs that came from us.
  • Do you microchip your Siberian Husky puppies?
    Yes. All of our Siberian Huskies are microchipped. In the case their collar falls off, vets and shelters can easily identify and bring them home to you. The adopt fee includes microchipping with AKC Reunite. We will even register them for you, so you can spend more time with your new puppy and leave the paperwork to us.
  • Do you offer life-time of support?
    Yes. You can rest assured that we are always here for you and your new fur-baby. We don't have all the answers, but we will definitely do our best to answer all your questions or point you to the right direction.
  • How does the wait list for a litter work?​
    For most litters, we have a wait list. This is your opportunity to have first opportunity to pick out your puppy before everyone else. We highly encourage everyone to be on the wait list, because our pups are adopted very quickly. The picking order is first come first serve basis, however we do reserve the right to alter the picking order. We only accept three people on ​any particular wait list, everyone else will need to wait until the litter are born before we reopen the wait list. The wait list fee is $200 (unborn puppy) and will be applied toward the total adoption. All deposits are non-refundable. Once the puppies are born, the deposit is 50% of the total adoption cost. The wait list must be available and open for reservation for you to be able to reserve your dog. Reservations are usually open when we have a confirmed litter. Please do not contact us to ask when we have a confirmed litter. You can simply subscribe to our website and we will let you know as soon as we are ready to accept reservations.
  • I am looking for a specific color, eye color, sex, and/or temperament."
    Please understand, we do not manipulate genetics and cannot see into the future (it would be awesome if we can), so there is no guarantee what kind of puppy will be produced. We recommend adopting a puppy with the right temperament and energy level that fits your lifestyle. We can help you determine which puppy will be best for you. We do have a lot of experience doing this after all. Having a pretty looking dog is great, but it should not be a major factor in your selection process. Please do not contact us and request for a specific coat color or eye color.
  • Will the Siberian Husky puppy have their shots before going home?
    Yes. Every puppy will have their first round of shot at 6 weeks and a deworming regiment to ensure you are receiving the healthiest puppy possible. We will never ever (and some more never ever) adopt a sick or weak puppy to any family.
  • Where do you keep the puppies?
    All of our dogs have their own room inside our home. This way, we can control their environment to give them optimal comfort and a sanitary place to sleep. We reseed our backyard yearly to ensure fresh grass for our fur-babies. We live on 1+ acre where our dogs can run and play till their hearts content. We have an agility course built in our backyard and continually adding to it. Our puppies/dogs will have plenty of physical and mental simulation to ensure you are receiving a well adjusted puppy/dog.
  • Do you offer day care, boarding, grooming, or training?"
    Yes. We only offer this service to our puppies and their family ONLY. The day care and boarding fee is $25/day. To give your puppy the best start to life, we offer daycare/boarding with bootcamp training for $75/day. The bootcamp is an intensive training program that will transform your puppy into a super dog with super hero powers (not really but very close). We also offer show quality grooming. Your fur-baby will receive our show ready grooming. The grooming usually takes us about 2-hours with two people bathing, comditioning, combing, and blow drying to perfection. We also trim the hairs on the paws, we also trim and polish the nails/claws. Bath and grooming is $75. Nail trimming and polishing is $25. Contact us for more details.
  • How do you exercise your dogs?
    We are a very active family so our dogs received a wide range of exercise. We take them hiking, mountain biking, urban mushing with us on rollerblades, swimming, going to the dog park, camping, going to the beach, kayaking, skiing, and many other activities. If it is raining outside, we may let our dogs run on the treadmill or on the graveled area in our backyard. We even have an agility course where our dogs can maintain their muscle and mental capacities. Just remember, a tired husky is a well behaved dog!
  • Why should I adopt from you instead of other kennel?
    We are transparent on how we raise our beautiful Siberian Huskies. We give a lot of attention to our dogs and puppies. Our main focus is the physical and mental well-being of our pack, because they are family after all. We care deeply about our dogs and many families who have had the chance to adopt from us, will tell you the same. Unlike other many typical breeders, we pride ourselves in breeding to the AKC purebred Siberian Husky standards. We accomplish this by showing our dogs and allowing AKC judges to determine whether our dogs are the ideal standard for huskies.
  • How do I schedule time to visit you?​
    Please understand that we get a lot of inquiries every day. We would love to meet everyone, but it is impossible for us to allow everybody to visit us. This will take time away from properly caring for our dogs and puppies. We do allow people to come to visit when we have a litter available for adoption. Please keep in mind that when you come to visit us, you are visiting our home. Please be mindful when scheduling an appointment with us. We are always on time and available for you, so please be on time or give us advance notice of any changes. When visiting, please leave your shoes outside when coming into our home. You will need to wash your hands with soap and water, as well as hand sanitizers. We do this to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for our dogs and puppies. Most of the time, we ask that you walk around to the backyard, where you will be able to see our dogs. We ask that you sanitize your hands before petting and handling any puppies. Please do not bring any pets since this is a safe zone for our unvaccinated puppies. Plus, you will appreciate it when you pick up a healthy puppy/dog from us!
  • Why do you breed dogs?
    We love Siberian Husky so much and know how much joy they bring to our family. We want to share the love and happiness to other families with the security that you are receiving healthiest and happiest puppy possible. Unlike other kennels, we do not discriminate and make you jump through hoops to adopt your future best friend (i.e. answer those annoying survey/questionnaire). We believe that you cannot determine someone or a family just based on a few behavioral questions, however we do reject people from adopting from us. When this happen, it is usually in the best interest of our pups.
  • Are the puppies' availability on your website up-to-date?
    Yes. We constantly update our website, so you can be certain that the information here is current. To be safe, you can always contact us.
  • Do you offer breeding rights?​
    No. Our puppies are adopted to pet only homes. We will never allow our puppies to be part of a breeding program.​ However, we do offer co-ownership to families that are interested in showing their dogs. Contact us for more details.
  • Where are you located?​
    We live in the city Round Rock, just North of Austin, Texas. We have been living in the Austin area all of our lives and are true Austinites. ​If you live in the Austin area, you may have seen some of our pups running around.
  • I have more questions. How can I reach you?
    You can send a web inquiry below or email us at We are very friendly people, so don't be shy! Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Our primary goal is to properly care for our dogs, so please be patient with us.
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