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Husky Puppy House Proofing

That day is finally here and you are ready to bring home your new bundle of joy. 

Being a responsible husky parent, you will need to provide a safe, clean, and fun environment for your new fur-baby. Preparing for a puppy is like preparing for an active toddler. Like a toddler, your new puppy will be curious and want to explore every inch of your home and the backyard. Everything will be a new chew toy for your teething puppy, even those expensive pair of shoes. Not only is it a good idea to keep your puppy safe, you will be able to avoid those expensive vet bills when your puppy decides to eat your socks. 

Walking the House

It is a good idea to walk every room in your house, even if your puppy does not have access to those areas. Huskies are smart creatures and can quickly learn how to get into or out of places. When inspecting your home, keep an eye out for things that can be a hazard your your puppies health or things that you do not want ruined.


  • Power cords should be tucked away, blocked by another object, or wrap in chew-proof wire tubings.

  • Child proof latches should be installed on any reachable cabinets and drawers. 

  • Trashcans should be secured in a pantry or in a cabinet. If it needs to stay out, secure it with a lid that is not easily removed. 

  • Any medication, even in plastic bottles, should be put in a secure drawer or cabinet. 

  • Put away shampoos, razor blades, cotton swabs, etc. in a secure drawer or cabinet.

  • Keep the toilet seats down to prevent your puppy from drinking out of it. Always keeping the bathroom door closed is a great preventative.

House Proofing for Puppies

Puppy proofing your house is a good idea to safeguard your belongings from a teething puppy. It will also ensure your puppy does not eat things that will harm him. This will save you a lot of frustration and a really big vet bill. 

  • Put away any unused electrical cords that your puppy can chew on. If you cannot put the cords away, tuck it behind obstacles that where your puppy cannot reach it. 

  • Store cleaning detergents and any harmful chemicals in a high location where your puppy cannot reach or in an area not accessible to him.

  • Put away all small toys or objects that can be easily ingested. 

  • Store easy to break items or place them in a high location that cannot be reached. 

1. Collars, leashes, ID tags, and microchipping

2. Crates, kennels, and dog run


28" W x 42" L x 30" H

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